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Meet the Owner

Mike Weeks is the Owner and Lead Instructor of 2A Tactical and Training. Let him use his over 40 years of firearm experience and training to help you learn how to better protect yourself and your family. See Mike's background and resume below:


NRA Certified Firearm Instructor

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

GLOCK Certified Armorer

Competition Shooter-International Defensive Pistol Association

Certified by U.S. Law Shield to teach Florida Law

International Defensive Pistol Association Member

GLOCK Shooting Sports Foundation Member

NRA Foundation 2017 State of Florida Volunteer of the Year

NRA Foundation 2017 Southern Region Volunteer of the Year (Top 6 in Nation)

American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

Emergency Gunshot First Aid Certified


Mike is a lifelong sportsman having grown up hunting and target shooting with family and friends. He has strong family values, is married to the love of his life, and is a passionate advocate of being able to protect yourself and the ones you care about. He is friendly, personable and really enjoys helping others learn how to do so safely, responsibly, and legally as well as effectively.


Mike’s passion with shooting sports safety and training is also evidenced in his personal life, where he has over 15 years of volunteer service with the NRA Foundation Friends of NRA Program. He is also Chairman of the Starke FNRA Banquet and Auction Fundraiser.


The FNRA Program is a non-partisan fundraising program that holds banquets, auctions and raffles across the country to raise money to fund archery and firearm safety and training grants. These grants are primarily for youth groups like 4H, JROTC and Boy Scouts as well as programs like The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program for Kids. Mike has helped raise approximately 10 million dollars for these types of programs during this time.


He also sits on the State Board that oversees the Grant Funding in Florida, and assists in distributing upwards of 1 million dollars per year in local communities here in the State of Florida.

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