Here are testimonials from our clients that they posted in various locations. Names withheld here.

"Perfect class for me! Thank you to Mike and Scott for presenting the information in a way that was comfortable and stress free. You answered my questions and made me feel respected. I HIGHLY recommend this class for women who are not sure if a Concealed Weapons permit is the right fit. You will walk away feeling safe and educated."  

Female Client in Union County

"What an awesome learning experience! Thank you so much Mike Weeks and Scott Howard with 2A Tactical and Training for hosting our concealed carry class. If you’re looking for training towards your CWFL these are the guys to see!" 

Female client in Union County

"Mike & Scott are knowledgeable, personable, and extremely hospitable. I cannot recommend them enough! Thanks guys!"

Female client in Jacksonville

"I never thought I needed to take a gun safety class. I was so wrong. So wrong. I highly recommend you to take 2A Tactical and Training class with the best instructors ever, Mike Weeks and Scott Howard. They were nothing but phenomenal. Thank you to Mike’s sweet Wife, Lilly for breakfast and lunch. I learned so much and will be signing up for another class. If I could rate this class it would be with a 100 stars!!! Mike and Scott watch out, I will be back..."

Female Client in Bradford County

"What a great experience! I highly recommend 2A Tactical and Training. The instructors were professional and informative. They had an answer to every question we had. They made sure that we were comfortable and felt safe with the gun we chose to shoot on the range. We are looking forward to continuing additional education with Mike and Scott."

Female Client in Jacksonville

"What a great class! Mike and Scott are phenomenal instructors. This was an interactive experience, great for beginners. I can’t wait to go back for more in depth, hands-on training."

Female Client in Jacksonville

"Had a great day learning about guns and obtaining my concealed carry certificate from awesome instructors at 2A Tactical and Training. Thanks you and Scott for giving of your time to teach us how to protect ourselves. Also Thank the Lady of house for such a great lunch. Y’all ALL ROCK!"

Female Client in Bradford County

"The Best of the Best! Go give 2A Tactical and Training a like and contact Mike Weeks or Scott Howard for all your concealed weapons class needs! This was an amazing experience and taught me more than what I thought I did with dealing with guns safely and how to use them properly. They met my expectations right away and have broaden my knowledge, and the best part about this class was walking away confident in myself knowing that I can defend myself safely. Thank you so much 2A Tactical and Training for all that you do!" 

Female Client in Union County

"Highly recommend everyone takes a class with these guys!"

Female Client in Gainesville

"A level of professionalism that is rarely found these days. Truly informative, and insightful. Excellent and secure training procedures were maintained at all times. If you are looking for comprehensive training and knowledge, this is your team. Thank you, Mike and Scott! A truly awesome day, and immeasurable knowledge."

Female Client in Hampton

"Best. Class. Ever! The guys are aces and have a lot of knowledge! They take the fear out of using a gun. They break it down and make it simple. Well worth any and every penny spent. I would take this class again and again! Thank you Mike and Scott for doing such an amazing job! You guys are awesome!"

Female Client in Bradford County

"2A Tactical and training is the best hands down! I say that because I have taken other courses and didn't learn a quarter of training or hands on skills I learned today. It was worth every second and every cent to gain the knowledge and confidence I received. Mike and Scott are AWESOME!! They are very informative, knowledgeable, professional and make you feel comfortable in a family friendly environment. I will definitely be returning for extensive training and referring my family and friends."

Female Client in Gainesville

"The training these guys provided was excellent and had me feeling a lot more confident to protect myself and my family! Great training,highly recommend everyone takes this class!"

Female Client in Gainesville

"I highly recommend this course!! Mr. Scott and Mr. Mike were EXCELLENT teachers and I enjoyed the laid back environment of the class. I truly feel like I walked away knowing everything I need to know about concealed carrying. Do yourself a favor and take this course!"  

Female Client in Bradford County

"5 Stars!"

Client in Gainesville


"THIS was an amazing class! I learned so much. It was really good to be able to focus on situations women might specifically face. Mike and Scott made us feel comfortable, safe, and respected. Most importantly, I left feeling more confident about concealed carry practices should I choose to do so. I highly recommend this class if you are a woman who is looking into the concealed carry process."  

Female Client in Bradford County

"I gotta say first and foremost that not even a long, constant steady rain could stop the 2A Tactical Team from providing nothing but grade A training(BAR NONE). Mike and Scott did a hell of a job, the atmosphere was very laid back but there lessons and the way they teach(just sucks you in). From the LAWS and STATUES all the way to real life TACTICAL events, they'll have it to where you leave 10 times better than you came. The only thing I would complain about is the fact that they didn't have a 6th star to add lol. Gentlemen, don't ever change and keep doing what your doing because your way of training will spread in the best way...............Another satisfied client"

Client in Gainesville

"AMAZING!!!! If you are looking to get your Concealed Permit do not pass up 2A!! I already had my concealed carry permit, but decided to take it again with my gf when she got hers, and I was not disappointed. Mike and Scott are excellent, and they take the time to go through all of your questions and concerns with you. I will definitely be back for more ongoing training!!"

Client in Gainesville

"Great training day at 2A Tactical and Training for my conceal carry certification. Highly recommended for those who want more than just a certificate. Mike and Scott are awesome instructors, I guarantee you will leave at the end of the training session with high confidence level handling a firearm and understanding of the law. The best part is the option to choose from several firearms to shoot and see which one is most suitable for your needs. Breakfast and lunch was also provided."

Client in Green Cove Springs

"I highly recommend 2A Tactical and Training! The instructors do an amazing job teaching the class and make it a fun and personalized experience. This class actually focuses on what matters and you can tell they are extremely passionate at what they do. It was a great experience and I'm glad I did it! Walked out of there feeling confident and informed. No other class out there will offer you the hands on training like 2A does."

Female Client in Alachua County

"For anyone looking to obtain their concealed carry permit, I highly recommend 2A Tactical and Training. The instructors were professional and informative. They had an answer to every question we had and made sure that we were comfortable (and felt safe) with the gun we chose to shoot during class."

Female Client in Jacksonville

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to obtain a conceal carry permit. Mike and Scott were very patient and professional while teaching in a relaxed environment. I never fired a firearm prior and I was extremely nervous but their patience and professional attitude helped put me at ease. I'm looking forward to continued training." 

Female client in Jacksonville

"I cannot say enough great things about what a terrific experience this class was. Thought provoking, real life situation based training that helps you understand the seriousness of gun ownership and the consequences that can occur. The thoroughness of the program was exceptional, covering all aspects of safety , laws in Florida, and legal responsibility. Taught in a homey atmosphere with people who have literally been on those front lines and have faced circumstances themselves , this is the best training you can find. And you get to shoot all kinds of weapons ! Mike and Scott will make sure you find the best weapon for you. They will make sure you are comfortable handling it and understand how it works. You simply cannot ask for better training. Great ladies only and private classes for groups available too. If you are wanting to learn to shoot and feel comfortable handling a weapon, you need this class. You won’t find a better one!"

Female Client in Tampa

"You're not gonna find a better class than the class that 2A gives. You get 2 certified instructors, one that knows the laws and a retired law enforcement officer. When you are finished with the class you not only have your training and can readily apply for your CWP but you will also know the type of carry gun you wish to purchase. Well done Mike and Scott."

Client in Alachua

"Highly recommend Mike and Scott for your concealed weapon and active shooter class. I learned so much and they were very patient and encouraging with the big party we had! Awesome experience!" 

Female Client in Bradford County

"Had a great experience with Mike and Scott. They were welcoming and didn’t make you feel like any question was a bad question especially for someone like myself who hadn’t even picked up a gun before. I’m now confident in my ability to use a firearm. I will recommend to all my friends and I feel that I can always come back to them with any questions."

Female Client in Union County

"This was a great class. It was very informative and they made it fun. I loved how we got to try different guns so we knew what we would be comfortable with. I would recommend this class to all my family and friends.​"

Female Client in Jacksonville

"For anyone looking to get their Concealed Carry License, these guys offer an awesome certification and safety course. The classes are small, providing thorough and personalized instruction. Highly recommend. Breakfast and lunch were excellent too!! Thanks Mike and Scott."

Client in Tampa

"Great class! Very informative and personable. Hands on. Important material and procedures are covered. I would highly recommend taking this class to anyone."

Female Client in Gainesville

"I highly recommend 2A Tactical and Training. Mike and Scott are really down to earth and easy going, however, they are serious about giving you the knowledge and training you need to keep you and others around you safe. I will be sending my wife to this course as well as recommending 2A Tactical and Training to all my friends and family in the future."

Client in Ft White

"Great instructors! Mike and Scott are very patient and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with them."

Female client in Ft White 

"We had a great experience! Mike and Scott are professionals and were very patient and encouraging with someone like me that didn’t know much about guns. I left feeling confident and they allowed me to try multiple guns to find the best one for me. If you’re very experienced or a novice like me you will benefit from their knowledge. Highly recommend! Also, thanks for an amazing lunch!" 

Female client in Ocala

"I can't imagine better training anywhere else. Mike and Scott are both extremely knowledgeable and were very helpful with all my questions. They took the time to work with me so I knew what guns I felt most comfortable with. I highly recommend them for any of your weapons training!!!"

Female Client in Lacrosse

"My family of 4 had an AMAZING time @ 2A Tactical and Training!! My husband and I took the CWFL course. It was informative, professional, and super engaging. The in home setting added a level of hospitality that can't be found in other places.

My husband is a total gun lover and I am more of a newbie and the instructors tailored the course to meet each of our needs. This included some great activities/lessons for our kids too! My 12 year old daughter was able to overcome her fear of shooting and my 10 yr old son had a blast learning gun safety, to have a healthy respect for how powerful different guns can be, and the hands on time where the kids were able to shoot a couple different guns.

Both my husband and I were able to try out a variety of guns to see which guns suited us best. There was even time to shoot a little for fun!

The CWFL course was truly excellent and is suitable to any experience level. You will learn something new and you won't be disappointed!"

Female Client in Live Oak

"Fantastic course! I gained more knowledge and understanding about firearms in this one-day class than in my entire military career. Mike and Scott’s extensive experience in the use of firearms and knowledge of the laws regulating their use, made this course so interesting and valuable for me. And they take the time to explain everything in laymen terms that’s easy to understand. I was totally impressed! If you are seeking a concealed carry permit, but never fired a handgun before, no worries. Mike and Scott will patiently guide you through on how to handle and fire a gun confidently and safely. I highly recommend 2A – you won’t be disappointed!" 

Client in Ponte Vedra Beach

"I attended this class as a fairly experienced shooter and still walked away with critical knowledge that I did not have before this class. Mike and Scott are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced in shooting and training. I was impressed with the personal attention I was given to make sure my experience was the best it could be. This is a must attend if you are considering a concealed carry option in the future, or if you need a refresher in laws and practical daily action in the world as we know it today. I came away with a fresh perspective on personal protection and renewed mindset for how to best protect my family in the future. I HIGHLY recommend 2A Tactical and Training." 

Client in Alachua County

"It was a fantastic experience. Mike and Scott treated me like family. They definitely worked with me on my trigger control and let me shoot various weapons they had in stock. I recommend anyone take their class. I love these guys."

Client in Lake City

"I really enjoyed the class, it was very informative. Mike and Scott made it very comfortable and I felt very confident once the class was complete. I received alot of information and will return to take another class to further my experience and knowledge. Thanks!" 

Female Client in High Springs

"Party of 9! Although my husband and I have our concealed permits already , we contacted Mike and asked if he could put on a family class to include active shooter training. I have 3 adult children and their spouses who all needed the class, we also included our 14 yr old daughter in both classes! In today’s climate it is so important to educate your children and make sure they understand personal safety,gun safety and the laws! We all learned so much and had the absolute best time! Mike and Scott are so knowledgeable. I think we all shot 5 or six different types of guns picked specifically for each of us based on comfort and need! As wonderful as Mike and Scott are the real Star of this team is Lillian! Lillian is Mikes wife/ boss lol...The most amazing hostess and chef... she might even shoot better than Mike!! I recommend everyone sign up now, bring the family and friends!!" 

Female Client in Bradford County

"This was a great class. Scott and Mike definitely know their business and are great instructors. The classroom time was really interesting and well done and the range time was awesome. I came away feeling really confident because they make you so comfortable and relaxed. They have a great setup where you’ll be completely at ease. I highly recommend them without hesitation."

Client in Ocala

"Impressive class. I am a fairly experienced shooter and this class was definitely worth it. Tons of valuable information and practical knowledge as well as the chance to put your hands to the test."

Client in Alachua County

"I would highly recommend this company for courses and certification. Scott and Mike were knowledgeable and professional about all aspects of the course. Their years of professional and personal experience contribute to the experience. They provide an opportunity to practice with many guns and ammo on the firing range to find those best suited for each individual. The best words I can say is thank you."

Client in Ocala

"Had a great time yesterday at 2A Tactical and Training. Thanks to Mike and Scott for their patience and relaxed atmospere. Fantastic training day. This is the place to go for CCW training and certification. Also, thanks so much to Lilly for her hospitality, input, and of course breakfast and lunch. Thanks again to all of you for everything, and also Amanda from U.S. Law Shield." 

Client in Lake City

"Had a great time at 2A Tactical and Training. The class was comfortable and educational. Mike and Scott are very dedicated and well organized. They gave a great presentation and the range portion was so much fun. Thank you for providing a safe and enjoyable environment to shoot multiple types of guns and ammo. Please check in to these guys. It’s worth the drive if you’re not in the area."

Client in Tampa

"Completed training for concealed carry yesterday and have to say it was a great experience! They have a great set up and Mike and Scott were professional, patient, and fun to hang out with! If you have any desire to obtain a conceal carry permit, I highly recommend 2A Tactical, You will not be disappointed!" 

Female client in Ocala

"I would recommend this company and courses for training and certification. They are top notch and knowledgeable about all aspects. In addition the opportunity to try many guns for personal use finding the one that best fits you is amazing . The firing range was a great opportunity to learn further. The personal relationships and care to each individual exceeds your expectations"

Client in Ocala

"Mike and Scott were excellent instructors. They provided an environment that is both beautiful and peaceful to learn in. We appreciated their use of visual aids, and their attention to detail. I’ve taken weapons classes and concealed weapons classes before, took this one with my wife and family members for moral support. It was a great refresher for me and I was amazed at the dedication these men used in providing this service. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to expand their understanding of the laws and legal issues surrounding carrying a concealed weapon. I look forward to taking any more advanced classes they might offer in the future."

Client in Tampa

"I highly recommend this company for your concealed carry class or any training you may need as my wife and Myself took this class! The instructors Mike ands Scott are outstanding they are very knowledgeable with the law and also gave us a lot of scenarios and what to do if those did happen. They also had a gentleman from U.S. lawShield there as well to go over some things with us. They even went out of there way to prepare a great meal and after all the training and dinner we did some shooting. As I previously said I definitely recommend these guys!!!"

Client in Alachua

"I would highly recommend this company for your firearm training needs. Mike and Scott are friendly, detail oriented and very thorough. There was a pleasant, at ease learning environment, and questions were encouraged throughout the class. They explained the Florida Law very well, so everyone could understand it, and had some good scenarios that helped as well. They were also patient with me, as a fairly new pistol shooter, and made me feel comfortable. They even fixed us a nice dinner and included it with the class."  

Female Client in Alachua

"I was already certified but I took the class anyway. I learned so much more with Mike and Scott, they really have this down to a science, great environment, great hospitality and great food.. If you are looking to get certified call them you will not be disappointed."

Client in Bradford County

"Great class today Mike and Scott! I appreciate the patience and knowledge y’all shared today!!"  

Client in Union County

"Very knowledgeable men, they take pride in what they do!" 

Client in Palatka

"Mike and Scott are both great trainers. They both went over the law that is must know when you have a carry permit. I highly recommend these guys if you want to get your Concealed Carry or if you want training with your weapon."

Client in Alachua

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